Thursday, June 16, 2016

Momma Said: 100 Life Guiding Quotes From A Wise Mother

Momma Said...
"100 Life Guiding Quotes From A Wise Mother"

Coach Bruce

Bruce   is   a Pastor, Personal Coach, Passionate Motivator and Author. He is currently an Associate Pastor at Nation of Christ Believers Christian Center in Dacula, Ga.  Coach Bruce   is known for his steering messages on finding your purpose and living your passion. His   favorite author which he met   personally is Miles Monroe. Because of his many years as a recognized competitor in Track & Field and Road Racing, a mind to compete in life is what he wants to develop in his listeners. On Monday mornings at 9:15 am   Coach Bruce conducts the Cup of Mo Coaching and Personal Development Conference Call.  The call is done in honor of Betty Jo Ryles-Long his mother.
Growing up  in Philadelphia, Pa. under the  strong hand of a single mother, he  learned work ethic,  determination, a will  to  win,  and that  big  dreams do come  true. Momma instilled in him and his brother Elmer   that   there is nothing you   cant   have if you   are willing to work for it.  When momma died November 20,  2014, many of her  wise  statements during rough times of my  life began to  flood  my   mind  day  and  night. When the   number of them reached over 300 I knew that this was a witty invention sent by God. Proverbs 8:12 says I wisdom dwell with prudence and find out knowledge of witty inventions.


Writing a book  was  not  on  the  Coachs bucket list,  but  he  knew there  was   something special and  unique  in   these  life  guiding quotes. The book   is affectionately called Momma said100 life guiding quotes from a wise mother. It is a story of a divorced   mother   raising   her    two    sons    single handed.  Parents and young adults would find it useful as   a   reference manual   for   life.   College freshman making decisions without Mom and Dad need a copy Momma said The quotes are funny but instructional. Some are tough love but can be used as a playbook for winning the game called life.

The  mission is  to  get  our   world to  recognize the importance  of  family  values  and  give   Mom   the honor, respect and  appreciation she  deserves.  We give a special badge of honor to the single moms who did it on their own leaning and depending on God. The 2014 Census, reports that 9.9 million single moms are   raising children 18 years of age   and younger. The good news is so many have produced some   of our   best   athletes, entertainers, musicians and politicians. People like Tom  Cruise, Bill Clinton, Dr. Ben Carson, Les Brown, Halle Barry,  Jay-Z,  Eva Mendes, Eddie Murphy, Christina Aguilera, Kanye West,  Demi  Moore, Alicia  Keys, Samuel Jackson, Michael   Phelps,   Martin   Lawrence   and   Barack Obama all boast of being raised by single moms?

Wask  that  you  help  us  impact our  generation by raising  hig th banner  of  th family.  The   first institution created by God.

"Momma Said" is a great book to remind you of those all-time favorite cautionary catechisms that your mothers use to say. I can’t wait to share this book with my Teenage book club! Mr. Philly Librarian