Monday, May 11, 2015

Author Event Featuring - Vanessa M. Kirby

Kirby, Vanessa M.(2013) Heroin Heartbreak, Paperback  | Nu Class Publication  |
 ISBN- 13:9780989134217 | $10.06 | 211 Pages

Vanessa M. Kirby’s visit at Haverford Branch Library was awesome, in front of a crowd of 60 middle school students and adults. I was very impressed with Vanessa’s demeanor, book talking skills, and how she engaged with this audience that showed up for this book discussion. Vanessa’s book “Heroin Heartbreak” is an excellent cautionary tale, that base on a true story that must be told!!

For years, 18-year-old Ashley Kennedy has suffered in silence from the demons that taunted her. Devastation doesn't adequately describe the roller coaster ride that she calls ‘life’. Partying and drugs was the only way Ashley knew how to cope with her horrific past, but things only go from bad to worse as the skeletons fall from the closet Ashley has finally unlocked. Life for the Kennedy family may never be the same after Ashley revisits her past and is forced to pay a costly price. 

Based on a true story, this heart-wrenching tale will open the eyes of parents' everywhere, while giving teens a wakeup call to the dangers lurking in the shadows.

 Vanessa M. Kirby (Author) & Marvin DeBose Sr. (Branch Manager @ Haverford Library)

Monday, May 4, 2015

Greater St. Matthew Independent Church - Reading Program Kick Off

Reading Appreciation Ministry Program Kick Off!
At Greater St. Matthew Independent Church

Richard Ashby (Yeadon Library Director) Rev. Gregory A. Johnson ( Greater St. Matthew Independent Church) Ms. Beverly Abe  ( Program Coordinator) Marvin DeBose (Haverford Library Branch Manager)